From the Elders Corner

Happy People

“Happy is that people whose God is the Lord”, Psalms 144:15.   People are seeking happiness universally.  Men of all ranks and stations pursue it.  The general inquiry is: How shall I find it?  To this we hear answers like:  “Seek in gold.  Everything can be had for a price.  “Another say: “Seek it in […]

Lesson of the Week!

From the Ministers Desk

Dismissing Worship Services Because of the Coronavirus

Does Acts 5:29, that “we ought to obey God rather than men,” mean Christians must defy the government’s order of sheltering-in and not assembling? Local congregations of the Lord are autonomous, meaning self-governing. However, God’s authoritative word transcends all congregations and is the sole authority by which all should be led. In all matters of […]