What About The Sunday Evening Service?

Most saints understand that Christianity requires “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…” (Heb.10:25). But nonetheless, as the Jews were abandoning Christianity and returning to Judaism which was evident in their not assembling for petty reasons (12:4), so it is with some Christians who are manifesting a return to the world indicated by not assembling for similarly trivial reasons. Of course, there are good and honorable reasons for not being able to assemble with the saints. One should stay home if they are sick. One may stay home if they are taking care of the sick. One must stay away if they are working or out of town. One ought to stay home if they are elderly living in a bad neighborhood and must return home alone at night. Now moving on, WHAT ABOUT THE SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE?

When Christians repent for forsaking worship services it is nearly always and only for the morning services. It is as though the evening services are insignificant. First of all, did you know brethren in the Bible met at times other than in the mornings? “Behold, bless ye the Lord, all ye servants of the Lord, which by night stand in the house of the Lord” (Ps.134:1). In Psalm 141:2, David wanted his prayer to be as an “evening sacrifice.” Evening sacrifices, as well as morning sacrifices, were offered to God (Ex.29:39). In the New Testament, Jesus and His disciples were eating the Passover meal in the “evening” when He instituted the Lord’s Supper (Matt.26:20,26-30). After the church came into existence, the disciples came together for worship and despite whenever they began, they were having services well into the “night” (Acts 20:7-8,11).

Our affection for God (Col.3:2) is shown when we put His work and worship first (Matt.6:33). Not assembling with our brethren to worship God in the evening because of trivial reasons (Cowboy’s game, eating out, movies, friends over, shopping, recreation, etc.) says to everybody that God is not first and that we love these things more (Matt.6:33; 2 Tim.3:4). If you don’t believe it, forsake the evening services and ride by the church building with your friends in the car while the brethren are meeting. Point to the building and tell them that is where you are a member. See if they don’t ask you why you are not there. It is plain to all others that forsaking “any of the services” is hypocritical (Matt.15:7-8; Tit.1:16).

Assembling for services in the morning, evening, or midweek aren’t optional. The temple in Acts 3:1 had a schedule for the “hour of prayer” which was the ninth hour, meaning 3:00pm. In other words, they had “evening services!”


Yet someone in the temple had the authority to set the schedule for everyone, which was complied with. I might not know who had the authority in temple to set the schedule, but I do know who in the church has the authority to do so. Either “elders” (1 Tim.5:17), or for congregations lacking elders, it is the “faithful brethren” (Col.1:2) who set the spiritual schedule. When we disregard the authority and wisdom of mature brethren, we disregard the authority (Christ) under which they work. And, what does it say about your Christianity when your brethren meet and you don’t?

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