A-ttend every service that you possibly can!

B-ring a friend, neighbor or family member with you!

C-ancel conflicting appointments or engagements if possible!

D-iscuss what will occur during service with your guest!

E-courage lost souls to obey the gospel!

F-ill the front and middle pews first!

G-reet all visitors and make them feel welcome!

H-old an open mind to Christ’s teachings to you!

I-mpress others by being on time and reverent during worship!

J-oin in the singing wholeheartedly!

K-eep your mind on the lesson and mediate on its application!

L-et your guest know that you are interested in his/her salvation!

M-ake some contacts during the week prior to Sunday service!

N-ever grow weary but look forward to each service!

O-bey the gospel NOW if you have not done so!

P-ray without ceasing for a great result for your guest!

Q-uicken your pace by getting other things out of mind!

R-emember YOU are an important part of SOUL WINNING!

S-how God and the world which side you are on!

T-rust in God to give the increase!

U-nite with other members in this great preparation!

V-ictory for Christ should be our daily prayer!

W-ork to bring about the answer to our prayers!

X-pect results and be optimistic!

Y-ou cannot be saved by another’s work!

Z-ealous efforts by all of us will assure a GREAT EVANGELISTIC effort!

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