“A Beautiful Story

The story is told of an artist who wanted to paint the most beautiful picture in the world. He asked a preacher, “What is the most beautiful thing in the world?” The preacher answered, “Faith: you can feel it in every church, find it in every alter.”

The artist asked a young bride the same question. “Love”, she replied. “It builds poverty into riches, sweetens your tears, and makes much of little. Without love there can be no beauty”.

A weary soldier said, “Peace is the most beautiful thing in the world. War, the ugliest. Wherever you find peace, you find beauty”.

FAITH, LOVE, AND PEACE: “How can I paint them?” asked the artist. Entering his own home, he saw FAITH in the eyes of his children, and LOVE in the eyes of his wife. And there in his home was PEACE that LOVE AND FAITH had built; so he painted the picture of the most beautiful thing in the world, and when he had finished it, he called it “HOME”!


A happy home is where kindness grows,

And blooms from day to day;

Houses grow old and draperies fade,

Material things decay,

But gentle words and kindly deeds

Live on in the heart always.


A house though fine, may be only a house,

For beautiful homes are rare;

If there’s spiritual beauty within your home

You are blessed beyond compare.



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