Beckley Height Church of Christ is a congregation overseen by a faithful Eldership. We consider it an honor to serve this congregation of mature Christians who have the upmost respect for God’s Word and our oversight.

Be assured that the eldership gives prayerful consideration to decisions made on behalf of the congregation. It has been said, and rightly so, that 6 minds are better than one. Our eldership has over 250 years of combined experience within the Lord’s Church; each one of us brings a unique talent to the group.

However, this does not make us perfect. We are always looking for feedback. If at any time you have a concern with a decision we have made, please make an appointment with us so that your concern can be addressed. Also, if anyone approaches with a concern, please direct them to the eldership. Without being overbearing, we strive to do that which is best for the congregation.

The love and respect that you show us daily makes it an honor to serve you.

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