Family Bible Study

If you really want to make your home more spiritual then begin a family Bible study. Brethren in the first century studied the word of God on a daily basis and so should we (Acts 5:42; 17:11; 2 Tim. 2:15). Bible study influences us for the better. Here are seven tips to start:

  1. Involve the whole family. Get everyone to participate including dad and mom. Make your Bible study mandatory. Do not ask the children if they would like to have bible study but inform them that it is taking place.
  2. Organize a format. For example: begin with a song and a prayer, then a 15 minute lesson and discussion, and then close with a song and a prayer.  Be sure and let everyone know what to expect and stick to it.
  3. Assign duties. Let the girls arrange the sitting area and pass out writing supplies and bibles. Have dad bring a lesson. Let the boys lead prayers and songs. Let the  young children read and help them with difficult words.
  4. Present a lesson not a lecture. Discuss the points of the lesson. Ask questions about the text and how it applies to them. Call on everyone and let them have their say. Ask their thoughts for being a better Christian.
  5. Be flexible. A set time for family Bible study is great but is not always possible to make. There may also be days when you cannot have Bible study. That’s okay. Have it when you can.
  6. Be determined to have Bible study. It is easy to have one or two studies, miss a few, and then never have it again. Bible study provides an enormous amount of spiritual benefit. Let this motivate you not to quit.
  7. We have material available. Ask the elders or preacher about lesson material you can use at home. You can highlight specific areas of the lesson and only deal with that. There is no need to finish the entire lesson in a day or week.

Let these simple points motivate you to start a family bible study. A family that prays and studies together stays together.

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