What I Gleaned From a Five Year-Old

I have always stressed to our family not to do two things while knocking doors. Do not touch people’s mailboxes and do not walk on people’s grass. Our young son and I were a door-knocking team on a couple of Saturdays. And of course, before we began on both days I went over the two rules.


But on the last Saturday while leaving one porch, I was tiring and took the short route and walked across the grass to the next house. Then from behind I heard, “Daddy, I thought you said we were not supposed to walk on the grass?” “Daddy, why did we walk on the grass?” “Daddy, I thought you said to stay off the grass?” I tried to explain how the houses were very close together and it was not that much grass. And he said, “But daddy, but you said to stay off the grass.” So I admitted that I should not have bent my own rules and walked across the grass. After that, he was fine. .


But here are a few things I gleaned from that encounter along with a spiritual twist:



God gave us children, “heritage/gift” (Ps. 127:3), and any gift from God is of great benefit (Jas. 1:17; 3:17).


May God continue to bless us all!

Richard Stevens, III

Minister of the Beckley Heights church of Christ