We had an excellent Sunday morning and evening. Sunday at 2pm, three of our brothers; Charles Murrell, Joseph Harris, and Adrian Sampson, all graduated from the Brown Trail School of Preaching in Bedford, TX before a large audience at the Brown Trail church of Christ. The wives of Joseph and Adrian (Tiffany, Amanda) graduated from the wives’ program. It was truly wonderful.

Later that evening at the Beckley Heights church of Christ in Dallas, we had all three of our preachers preach to us in worship, followed by a banquet. Everything was super nice. We had a large number and our preachers did an excellent job. A great amount also stayed for the banquet which was superb. The food, decorations, and cake were outstanding, and the presentations from our elders were inspirational. 

After watching everything, Ashton Taylor (David & Trevena’s son), said he thinks he wants to be a preacher. Wow. He is 17 still in high school. Working with bro Herb McCullough with the church’s audio and visuals has helped him take an active faithful role in the church. He even served on the Lord’s table Sunday. I was proud of him and later told him so. But the point is, even our youth were encouraged in the right way by everything that happened Sunday.

I know our women and girls were encouraged by the accomplishments of the wives as they watched how we also honored them that evening. Every member in attendance enjoyed and appreciated the banquet. They greatly encouraged our new preacher families. Some even privately gave additional contributions to them. Everything was an enormous success. Bro Tony Harris did great getting the guys ready to speak on short notice. 

Finally, we (my family) want to personally thank each of our elders from the very bottom of our hearts for helping us thru my dad’s departure. Your encouragement, advice, prayers, and love will always be remembered by my family. We also thank all the wonderful members at Beckley Heights for your love, encouragement, thoughts, and prayers. We thank the Lord above for all of you (Heb.6:10; Jas.1:27).

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