Happy People

“Happy is that people whose God is the Lord”, Psalms 144:15.  

People are seeking happiness universally.  Men of all ranks and stations pursue it.  The general inquiry is: How shall I find it?  To this we hear answers like:  “Seek in gold.  Everything can be had for a price.  “Another say: “Seek it in paths of human greatness.”  A third answer is: “pleasure and comfort.  These alone will bring happiness.”

What are the results of these inviting pursuits?  Poor deluded men try one or all of these and find that he is not really happy but more dissatisfied and wretched than ever.  How then could one say that happiness might be achieved if the finest this world has to offer, falls so for short?

The Psalmist says that God’s people are happy and in saying so seems to say that they have found a formula that has escaped the wisest of worldly men.  He says that happiness is a natural result of being a child of God.  How can this be?  The true Christian is happy for many reasons:

*He is happy because of divine peace.  Peace with God through Jesus is promised in John14:27.  This peace casts our fear and relieves the heart of many anxieties of life and death.

*He is happy because of divine adoption.  Gal.4:5-7 teaches that he has the privileges and rewards of a faithful son.

*He is happy because none can take these things away.  Rom.8:35-39 clearly states that no power on earth can remove God’s people from Him without their consent.  Yes, these are HAPPY PEOPLE.


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