Much is said, today, about how and what to preach. Not nearly so much is said about an equally important matter, namely, what to “hear”. Jesus said “ Take heed what ye hear…” Mark 4:24. Simply because a man talks as though he knows what is right does not mean that he is right. Just because a thing is spoken in a church building does not mean that it is true. John said, “ Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits..” I John 4:1.

We are very careful about the things that we put into our mouths because our health depends on it. Should we not exercise the same concern about what goes into the heart? Is not spiritual disease more dangerous than any physical illness? Then why will one be so careful about food and so careless about truth?

Just as sure as one dose of poison can kill a man, one untruth, concerning eternal salvation and how it is obtained, can kill soul and body in the second death.
For these, and other reasons, what and how we hear is very important We should make certain that we are not hearing with minds already made up, but open to truth. We must not let the mind wander off to something else while eternal things are being discussed. Jesus indicated that what we hear influences what we are.

By: J.R. Chism