Help In A Hurricane

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the precious victims of hurricane Harvey. The epic rage of this monstrous storm has savagely demolished cities and towns as it continues its trek of annihilating life as many know it. The F-4 hurricane with winds in excess of 130 mph brutally pounded the good folks along our southern border. The tremendous devastation is overwhelming and almost unbearable to watch as multitudes have been displaced from where they used to call home. Businesses are out of business. Roads and bridges have vanished. Airports are grounded. Store shelves are bare. Schools are closed. Thousands are stranded in the literal and figurative waters of hopeless despair. But thank God for all the compassionate hearts compelling them to give themselves and what they have in the aid of their physical brothers and sisters (Acts.17:26-29). Many have put themselves at risk in treacherous flood waters to save others. God bless them.

The disciples found themselves in what may have seemed to them as a hurricane of similar proportions while trying to cross the Sea of Galilee (Matt.14:22-33). The disciples were in a ship alone while Jesus remained on land. In the evening after sundown they encountered a terrible storm. They fought the mighty winds and waves to no avail throughout the night. In the fourth watch (between 3-6am), they saw someone coming in the midst of the storm walking on the sea. They were troubled at first, then relieved when they knew it was Jesus. Peter had so much confidence that Jesus was now with them that he asked the Lord if he could join him out on the stormy waves. The Lord said “Come,” and Peter left the ship and confidently walked on the waters of the storm. It was only after he took his eyes off Jesus that he began to sink.

Wow. The key to successfully conquering storms is to be a disciple of Jesus.  Jesus did not stop the storm but went to his disciples in the storm. He is our helper who will never leave us or forsake us when we need him (Heb.4:16; 13:5-6). We can get thru any storm by faith (2Cor.5:7). All we have to do is keep our eyes/focus on Jesus, the Storm Walker, who also enables us to walk and not sink in the midst of bad storms. (Heb.12:2-3).

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