Hungering For The Word

She was obviously in distress as she stared at her flanks to see where the pain was coming from. She lay down and gave a mighty heave. And then another. There emerged what appeared to be a pink water filled balloon, with a little black and white nose, then a face with floppy ears resting on two tiny front feet. The doe stood and gravity brought the mass to the ground, breaking the umbilical cord. Drawing from some primitive instinctive knowledge tracing to the beginning of time, the new mother goat broke the water and began to vigorously lick the tiny kid. After a few minutes it began to move more vigorously and tried to stand. Its front legs crumpled beneath it. The rear legs did no better. But the mother kept urging and finally it stood and wobbled around her nuzzling. She pushed him toward the dietary department again and again and finally he got the idea and took a sip. The first drop hit him like an electrical shock and the little tail began vibrating as he took his first nourishment. For a few months, his insatiable appetite for milk will ensure his growth, health, and survival. He is a monument to the intelligence of a God who made detailed plans for even the least of His creations!

Even in the spiritual realm, survival depends on a strong craving for nourishment. “…as newborn babes, long for the spiritual milk which is without guile, that you may grow thereby unto salvation; if you have tasted that the Lord is gracious.” ”I Peter 2:2,3.   David, through inspiration, best illustrates and describes the strong appetite for God’s word in the 119th Psalm. In verse 14 he said, “I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies.”   In verse 16, “I will delight myself in thy word.” Verse 24 says, “Thy testimonies are my delight.” This theme is so pervasive throughout this Psalm we will cite only one more. Verse 40 tells us, “Behold I have longed after thy precepts.” One who today strives for a satisfying and saving relationship with the Mighty Creator of the Universe and of us will seek the same longing for God’s word.

It is said that after deprivation of food over a long period of time the appetite disappears and the thought of food is repulsive and sickening. Does that not happen today in regard to God’s word? I was teaching an adult class in a Vacation Bible School at a congregation across town. I said, “People don’t read the Bible as much as they used to. When I was a child walking down the sandy lanes of Nocona, Texas, I would see people reading the Bible on their porch in the evenings. On the train you would see people reading their Bibles. You don’t see that anymore.” One sweet lady, bless her soul, responded, “Preacher, I think you’re wrong. I used to be one of those you would see on the porch or on the train. And I still read my Bible as much as I ever did. I just don’t do it on the porch or the train.” I said, “Why don’t you read it on the porch or train?” She replied, “People would think I was weird.” “Why would they think you were weird?” “Because people don’t read their Bibles that much anymore.” ‘Nuff said!


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