Imagining Vain Things

“Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?”- Psalms 2:1

The imagination of a man can be a treacherous thing. It can create within him wrong attitudes and be the cause of forming false conclusions. An uncontrolled imagination is the source of much sin both in thought and often in action.

Solomon declared that there is a way that seemed right to a man, but that the end thereof was the way of death. The imagination of man is often arrayed against the Word of the Lord. Some people know what the Bible says, but they have permitted their imagination to take over control of their lives; they think that God will either over-look their sins, or else that He will save them in their sins. This is a vain thing.

Too many people use their imaginations in the conclusions they form. They disregard the reality of facts, and reject the truth that would direct them into proper channels of righteousness and Godliness. Such disregard causes them to be unhappy, and makes them a source of unhappiness for others as well.

By Foster L. Ramsey

Source: Beckley Heights Beacon, April 28, 1963

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