It Hurts More Than You Think

Members are mistaken when they say, “It doesn’t hurt anything for me to stay away from the meeting of the church.” It hurts far more than you realize.


IT HURTS YOU. It hurts your standing with God when you disobey His commands (Heb. 10:25). It hurts you because you sin, and sin always hurts.


IT HURTS GOD. He is grieved when you disobey (Gen. 6:6). He smiles with pleasure only when we obey His will.


IT HURTS THE CHURCH. Your voice in the singing, your participation in the prayers, your fellowship in the

Lord’s Supper, and the contribution you would have made to the Lord’s work, are all missing. The church is composed of its various members. In 1 Corinthians 12:18-26, Paul proved that the body cannot properly function while some of its members are missing.


IT HURTS YOUR SPIRITUAL STRENGTH. Just as one cannot maintain health and strength without partaking of food, the inner man grows weaker when we deliberately miss a spiritual meal.


IT HURTS YOUR INFLUENCE. When you stay away from the meetings of the church, you set a bad example.  Your neighbors, friends, and family who are not members of the church will know

that your religion means little to you. Your bad example may also influence younger and weaker members to stay away.


So, you see, it hurts a lot more than you think!


bro Boyce

Sent on Behalf of the Elders

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