We have a new family in the congregation here at Beckley Height’s and we would like for you to meet each member:
BROTHER SPEC TATOR; won’t work, just looks on while others do the work.
BROTHER AGI TATOR; he’s not satisfied unless he has things in an “uproar” all the time.
BROTHER DEVAS TATOR; he gets a big “kick” out of offending members as he has the opportunity.
BROTHER LAMEN TATOR; always feels sorry for himself and is never in a good mood, always the same.
BROTHER DIC TATOR; must always have his way, never gives all his energy to the program of work suggested by someone other than himself.
BROTHER AMPU TATOR; always wants to reduce expenses; he’s the person who never thinks that the church can launch out with very little money to do the work with.

 Selected & Adapted 

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