My Friend

Among the many good things, in this life, I think, perhaps, the richest blessing we enjoy is the blessing of friendship. There are so many things to be said in favor of good friends, that I will not try to list them here. However, just as surely as these associations bring much joy, happiness, and help along life’s journey, these are also the sources of our most hurtful experiences. Sometimes a friend turns against us, and slanders us, or causes us pain and grief because he has “changed” in his attitude toward us. We may love him as dearly as before and never know what caused the “change”.

How would you like to have a very dear friend that will never cause you a moment’s pain or sadness, but will always help you with the problems of life? How would you like to have a friend in which to confide, knowing that you’re knowing that your confidence in him will be rewarded with understanding and complete privacy, having endured the same thing you are passing through? Now, how would you like a friend that will never change from these wonderful characteristics, but would always hear, understand, and help you whenever called upon.

There is such a friend. He is my friend and he wants to be yours. His terms for friendship are very easy to meet and the association thus formed will remain constant for time and eternity. When the finest friend you have must step aside, as your grave is filled, my friend will still be with you.

He is Jesus of Nazareth. He has promised those who will obey him that he will “never leave nor forsake them”, and that he will be the same, “yesterday and today and forever”.

R Chism


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