When One Quits The Church (Where You Worship)

When a man takes the “new car fever”, his conduct becomes both amazing and amusing. Overnight his old car becomes a sorry wreck, threatening his life and peace of mind. The rattles become so loud he can hardly hear himself speak or think. The scratches multiply. The finish loses its luster. The stains, snags, and worn places in the upholstery are more noticeable. The plugs need to be replaced, and he can hear a new, but tiny, knock in the engine. The only remedy is to trade for a new model. It must be done quickly before the old bus collapses and loses its meager trade-in value.

Really, the old car is not so bad. The truth is he just wants one of the new shiny models and thinks that he must try to justify a thing that he knows he is going to do anyway.

When a man takes the “change church” fever, he too acts kind of odd. Perhaps he has not received the attention he thinks he should have. Maybe he has been overlooked in some committee work. Maybe he was not asked concerning some small matter. At any rate, he is unhappy and feels that a change is in order. All at once, several things happen. The church is cold and unfriendly. They are not doing some things that should be done. Their spirit is bad and their attitude is all wrong. Now the only thing that he can see to do is “change” before he too becomes corrupted by this bad element. Of course the church hasn’t changed at all, but the fellow thinks that he must find fault in order to justify what he has already decided to do. No, the church (where you worship) is not perfect, but it might be much closer to it if everyone would stay and help, not run and hide.

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