A real friend is a friend forever, not just for a summer or until the end of college days, or until the end of your tour of duty in the military. And a real friend is loyal and faithful.

In 1 Samuel we read that Jonathan’s dad, Saul, hated David. Saul was jealous of David’s looks, popularity and the way people treated him. So Jonathan was torn between his dad and his best friend. When push came to shove, Jonathan proved to be a really committed friend. That’s really the kind of relationship David and Jonathan had – they would do anything for each other.

Life is difficult sometimes, and there are so many “enemies” around (enemies like loneliness, fear, distrust, to name a few) that we all need a good friend. The Bible gives us a great picture of what a friend is – not just someone to help you out, but someone you can help. Sometimes your friends need you a lot more than you need them. And that’s OK, because we all go through times when we need somebody to come through for us and don’t have much to give back.

Let David and Jonathan teach you what it means to be a great friend. “Friendship is essential for the soul”.


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