Sick and Shut-In

Ruby Bradley –   Doyle & Quitta Goodspeed

Oneita Wallis  – Martha Mitchell 

Patricia Stevenson – Thomas Carson- Charles Murrell Sr.

Military Prayer List

Michael Blackman

Jahnee McCoo

Brannon Rose

Samuel & Ja’Nae Wells

Prayer Requests  For April:

Bro Robert Montgomery was admitted to Baylor Scott White, Grapevine On April 7th.

Remember Bruce &Tammie Smiths’ family in your prayers. They funeral her uncle on Saturday

Brother Thomas Houston lost his 1st cousin on Saturday in Longview (Allie Rene Martin)

Bro Fredrick Reed confessed sin and requested prayer for a coworker with corona virus and a friend’s daughter that got stabbed.

Bro Michael Finch requested prayer

Sis Ollie Carter’s sister Ada Bell has very serious health issues.

Thelma Clemons, she is dealing with grief.

Bro Chris Clark for job conflict resolution

First Line  Responders & Essential Workers

Bro Cortney Pitts’ daughter has tested positive for the Virus.

Sis Eliase Tibbits’ daughter Brenda Holloway (exposed to Corona Virus)

Bro & Sis Taylor’s daughter’s father-in-law (recovering from a blood clot)

Bro Leonard Smith (recovering from pneumonia)

Bro John E. Smith (has health Issues)

Sis Rita Murray asked for prayer for her mother (This is also Ann Sanders Mom)

Sis Ann Sanders radiation treatments were stopped. Her doctors are looking for an alternative treatment.

Sis  Vicky Hawley Health Issues and medication availability.

Sis Yolanda Reynolds –recovering from shoulder surgery

Sis Sheila Riley’s brother Reese Williams in Michigan is now home recovering from the Corona Virus.

Sis Sylvia Mitchell’s mother is now home recovering from a stroke.

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