“Rolling stones gather no moss,” is an old saying describing people who do not have commitments and responsibilities because of so much. In a forest or river bed, green moss only grows on stones that have been there a while. Rolling stones gather no moss. I want to use this saying in another way that Christians are the stones and the green moss is sin. Jesus Christ is the Chief Stone (1 Pet.2:4; Eph.2:20), but Christians are spiritual stones too (1 Pet.2:5). This means that Christians must keep rolling by remaining faithful and active in their Christianity that they gather no sin.

Christians need to keep rolling to gather no moss of worldly folk. When Christians stop meeting and hanging with brethren they will often pick up the moss of bad characters and habits by running with sinners. The apostle Paul warned brethren not to keep company with sinners (1 Cor.5:9-10). He was not forbidding any association. We work with them, shop with them, bank with them, participate in recreational activities with them in restaurants, movies, and parks, and even have them as neighbors. But, we do not fellowship them in ungodly activities and places. We may work together but after work we go separate ways (1 Pet.4:3-4; 2 Cor.6:14-17). “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Eph.5:11). Christians are in the world with sinners but to keep rolling we must influence them without being influenced by them (Mt.5:13-16; Phil.2:15).

Christians need to keep rolling to gather no moss of worldly brethren. Paul also warned not to keep company with sinful brethren (1 Cor.5:11). Again, this did not mean to have no association. Brethren should always attempt to restore erring brethren when they can (Gal.6:1; Jas.5:19-20). But Christians are forbidden from fellowshipping wayward brethren as though their sin is not an issue. There was a brother in public sin who had his father’s wife in the congregation in Corinth and they tolerated it (vs.1-2). His sin influenced others to sin. “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump,” to which Paul commanded it be purged (vs.5-6). In other words, to keep rolling as faithful Christians they needed to, “put away from among yourselves that wicked person” (v.13). We must keep in mind that sinful moss sinfully affects us (1 Cor.15:33). Therefore, never stop rolling as faithful Christian stones.

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