Is Your Heart Right With God?

Is your heart right with God? This is the subject of our lesson for today. Please grab your copy of God’s word and join us in II Corinthians 13:5. Feel Free to contact us with any questions.


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Not Giving In – In The Midst of the Storm

As part of the Connect series presented by the Digital Bible Study YouTube channel, Minister Richard Stevens III will be speaking on the subject, “Not Giving In – In theMidst of the Storm”. If you would like to watch live you may do so by clicking this link. The study we be available on between […]

Too Distracted

Let’s not be too distracted. Join me in a study to learn how to deal with distractions through a study of Luke chapter 10:38-42.

Happy People

“Happy is that people whose God is the Lord”, Psalms 144:15.   People are seeking happiness universally.  Men of all ranks and stations pursue it.  The general inquiry is: How shall I find it?  To this we hear answers like:  “Seek in gold.  Everything can be had for a price.  “Another say: “Seek it in […]