The Devil Has You

I heard some kids playing and one of them shouted, “The devil is gonna git you!”  Most people have an accurate assessment of humanity’s antagonistic relationship with the devil as that of predator and prey. The devil is the hunter and we are the hunted. Thus, every passing moment of our existence is constantly under his surveillance. When God asked the devil if he had noticed Job’s spiritual loyalty, the devil basically said, “Oh yeah” (Job 1:7-10). The devil knew all about Job and wanted to “destroy him without cause”  (Job 2:3).

This is who the devil is. He encompasses all that is wicked and is the very definition of all that is evil. Jesus called him a “murderer and a liar” and said there was “no truth in him” (John 8:44). He is the “deceiver of the whole world” (Rev.12:9) and is the spiritual adversary of all mankind, especially of those in the Lord’s church (Eph.6:11-12; Rev.2:10). The devil is also exceptionally devious in his unrelenting pursuit of the human race (2 Cor.2:11). He never tires, gives out, or gives up. Therefore, the Bible wisely warns Christians to be on their guard against him (1 Pet.5:9; Jas.4:7).

Paul was commissioned with the gospel to turn the accountable lost “from the power of Satan unto God” (Acts 26:18). Many are unaware that before one comes to Christ the devil already has them. Other scriptures also affirm this (Eph. 2:2; 2 Cor.4:3-4; Luke 8:12; Heb.2:14-15). Only after people obey the gospel do they escape the devil (2 Tim.2:24-26), and then the devil begins trying to win them back (2 Cor.11:3; 1 Pet.5:9; Luke 22:31). If you are not a New Testament Christian, the devil has you. If you are, but you are living in sin, the devil has you again. Only God and faithfulness to his Word can free you (John 8:32,36; Rom.6:16-18).

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