We are living in perilous times.  The world is faced with some of the most perplexing problems that have ever come upon mankind.  As one of our men recently said; “It seems that God is placing us at a great crossroad and how we react may well hold the key to the future of the Church as well as the world”.  I believe that America is the greatest country in the world. I think it has been for many years. However, we are threatened by forces that would destroy our way of life, our religious freedom, and our very nation.  I think we have the answer to many of these questions in God’s word. I think we have instructions as well as examples of how Christians should conduct themselves in times of trials.

I encourage each of you to study these things with us.  I truly believe that we can change the events of this world to the extent that God will be glorified; the kingdom enlarged and perhaps even our nation saved from the destruction that seems to be inevitable.  The power that is available through Christian people is staggering. I wonder if we realize what can be accomplished when we unleash the power of the living God, on this earth. We are not alone in this battle!  God is ever ready to assert Himself on behalf of his people, when His people are ready and willing to be used as instruments in His hands. He is also ready to strike down and “bring to naught” those who oppose him.  Let us rise up and march forward as true soldiers of the cross while God’s mercy, time, and opportunity is still extended to us.

J. R. Chism- 10/4/1964

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