One of the things that concern me more than anything else as an elder of this congregation is the lack of interest by many of our members in our mid-week Bible study on Wednesday evenings. To me the fellowship that we enjoy together through prayer and a study of His word, in the midst of a busy week is essential to the spiritual nourishment of a child of God.

Many of us are starving ourselves, not only of the spiritual food that we need, but also starve ourselves of good Christian fellowship one with another. We are living in an age of speed where every minute of our time is taken up with some type of activity. Why leave God out? I assure you that an hour with fellow saints on Wednesday evenings will relieve us from the tensions of a frustrated world.

You may ask, “Well, why should you be so concerned about me? “The scriptures teach in Acts 20:28 that the elders are charged with the responsibility to “feed the church”. Also in Hebrews 13:17, we are taught that elders are to “Watch in behalf of your souls”. We love the members of this congregation and we are concerned about each one of you. We would exhort you, therefore, to attend Mid-Week Bible Study so we can enjoy the fellowship with you there.

Written By: Ewell Booker, Elder, Vandelia Village, 1965

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