Wouldn’t Peter Know How to be Saved?

  1. Peter was hand-chosen as a disciple by Jesus Christ himself (Matt. 4:18-20).
  2. Peter was given power from Jesus against unclean spirits and for healing ( 10:1).
  3. Peter saw Moses and Elijah alive talking with Jesus in the transfiguration (Luke 9:28-35).
  4. Peter miraculously walked on water with Jesus for a short time (Matt. 14:25-29).
  5. Peter was with Jesus in the garden as he prayed facing the cross(Mark 14:32-33).
  6. Peter was present when Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper/Communion (Luke 22:8-20).
  7. Peter tried to defend Jesus with a sword when officers came to take him (John 19:10).
  8. Peter was the second disciple to arrive at the empty tomb of Jesus (John 20:1-8).
  9. Peter was with Jesus for forty days after he rose from the dead(Acts 1:2-4).
  10. Peter received the Great Commission directly from Jesus(Matt. 28:18-20).
  11. Peter received Holy Spirit immersion as promised by Jesus(Acts 1:4-5; 2:2-4).
  12. Peter was an apostle of Jesus and gave the qualifications for one(1 Pet. 1:1; Acts 1:15-26).
  13. Peter receive the keys to the kingdom of heaven/salvation in the church ( 16:13-19).

Furthermore, Peter spent over three years in close proximity with Jesus (Matt. 4:18-20; 91:27; Mark 3:14). He was constantly taught through the word and example of God’s Son himself. Through divine inspiration the apostle Peter revealed how to obtain salvation (Acts 2:37-38; 10:47-48) and through his words people were saved (Acts 2:47; 11:13-14). So, who should we trust when to comes to salvation; Peter or some self-proclaimed religious leader who differs with the apostle? We know Peter knew how to be eternally saved. Let’s trust his words and those of the other apostles.

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