Your whole family needs to be in bible study every Sunday.  All of you should stay for worship.  You all should come back Sunday evening and on Wednesday night.  Which of you can truthfully say; we do not need Christian influence in our lives?  We should each have the mindset of feeling that the Sunday school class, the morning and evening services and the mid-week bible studies would not be the same if I am not there.

Don’t say, “They won’t miss ME.” Think of the importance that ONE hole in a boat can sink it.  ONE fuse blown means darkness.  ONE false alarm can cause panic.  ONE mischievous boy can break up a school.  ONE wayward child can break a mother’s heart.  ONE sinful act can ruin a life.  ONE lie can destroy confidence in you.  ONE backslider can grieve the Holy Spirit.  So, YOU are important; EVERYONE is!

ONE visitor brought to every service by every service by every member would DOUBLE our attendance at every service.  ONE additional dollar contributed by each member would increase or missionary and benevolent programs.  ONE person converted by every Christian each year would mean the world for Christ in ONE generation.  ONE prayer and ONE scripture reading every day could make for greater spiritual growth among us.

Yes, YOU count for ONE by your presence, your prayers, your contribution, your influence and your daily life.  YOU count for ONE; a most IMPORTANT “ONE

“The most important statistic is not the number you can count, but the number you can count on.”

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